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Last night, Melissa Tait, Primacy’s VP of Technology, hosted our first ever Think and Drink - a shared learning session where she explored some of the latest technologies and trends being implemented across a variety of industries. Beers were served, attendance was phenomenal, and we all learned a few things. Read on for a recap of some up-and-coming technologies we’re paying close attention to.

Melissa Tait

Indoor mapping

What’s it all about? Bringing GPS indoors. There’s an arms race going on to see who can set the standard. Lots of big name players like Google, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and more. One example we’re paying attention to: Bytelight, a Boston startup. They’re trying to redefine and reinvent indoor mapping using an infrastructure that already exists – lighting, specifically an unused wavelength of LED light that can be detected by mobile phones. Check out a video on the technology.


What’s it all about? A thin, lightweight chip that allows for very close communication with a NFC-enabled mobile device. Can be tacked onto paper, keypads, etc. Hot topic of the day – digital wallets. Again, we’re seeing an arms race, who is going to own the digital wallet platform? One example we’re paying attention to: Patient ID systems.  Using NFC to streamline patient processing in the healthcare industry. Speedier check-ins, eliminate forms, process test data, move rooms, and pay – ways to move patients through the system quicker. PatientID+ is one example

Hyper-personalization and predictive-personalization

What’s it all about? Brands are trying to predict consumer behavior using available data and personalize experiences. One example we’re paying attention to: British Airways: Know Me. Although it’s been dubbed controversial, British Airways sought to use public information on their premier customers to build better relationships. They wanted to build a dossier to use through the flight experience. Think: find their photo via their name (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), greet them by name on the plane, get them their favorite drink, talk about their frequent travel plans, and more. A more personalized flight experience from gate to plane.

Gesture recognition

Primacy Emerging Tech Presentation

What’s it all about? Using Microsoft’s Kinect in creative new ways. For example, Kinect in surgery. One example we’re paying attention to: Sunnybrook Hospital is using Kinect for image guidance – controlling x-ray imaging without touching the mouse/computer and having to re-scrub. They're using the computer as a member of the team in the operating room.

Digital billboards

What’s it all about? Interactive digital windows that let customers take control of the display, make purchases and share with friends. One example we’re paying attention to: Adidas Neo in Germany. It’s an interactive digital window that lets consumers take control of the billboard. Select products, see them on models, move them to a shopping cart, purchase and pick them up in the store.

Machine to machine

What’s it all about? Connecting devices, objects and more that aren’t necessarily digital and harnessing the data. One example we’re paying attention to:  Connected pills from Novartis. Smart pills, with a microchip that detects the time you took it, what you ate/drank, how you’re responding, how you’re feeling, and translating the information to a doctor to evaluate you. Success in transplant patients and how they are reacting to the new organ.