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Ok, maybe the title to this post is a little over dramatic, but it is a genuine reflection of our enthusiasm for our launch – today—of the first annual Hospital Industry Crowdsourced Survey of Digital, Integrated and Emerging Marketing. Last month, hospital and health system marketers from all over the country submitted more than 100 questions about topics they are interested in hearing about from their peers. It’s thanks to their curiosity that we compiled a survey intended to help you, the hospital marketer, get a better understanding of what other hospitals are doing in the digital space. The survey, which we developed with our research partner, Equation Research,  is now ready for primetime! You can take the survey here (sorry, the survey is closed!) And since this is truly a grassroots effort and there will be no charge to view survey results and insights, we would really appreciate your support to get the word out about it to your peers in the industry.  The more participants, the more meaningful the data will be. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please post it here or feel free to email me directly at mikes [at] We look forward to hearing from you and to sharing the results with you.  Lastly, a huge thanks to the folks (“the crowd”) who took time out to provide their questions along the way.  This survey is really yours and we are deeply grateful for your participation and leadership.  We would also like to thank industry thought leaders @EdBennett, @ShelHoltz, @LeeAase and Mark Gothberg for their time, support and guidance along the way. The topics and issues that your peers have identified are fascinating and will make for some great learning and benchmarks emerging from this effort.  While you are thinking of it, please go ahead and take 10 minutes to take the survey now (sorry, the survey is closed!)