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Mad MenNot quite the "Mad Men" on AMC, but the advertising community is pursuing new ways to place a value on social interactions.  And companies like IntoNowMiso and GetGlue are leading the way in capturing social TV exchanges; connecting viewers with their friends and fans alike. Over the past 12-months social TV commenting has grown tremendously.  According to BlueFin Labs, the majority of these comments are happening on Twitter and Facebook with Y2Y growth at 300%!   To put that into perspective, Jersey Shore recieved over 300,000 comments for one episode in January, this time last year ... just 40,000.  Wow, right?  That’s a lot of buzz … much of it during the live broadcast. The phenomena is not limited to popular dramas or sitcoms, some of the biggest events on television are now being closely monitored for not just mentions, but sentiment, light demographic data and even product sampling - which can inform advertising decisions… The Super Bowl is Sunday and many big brands like E*Trade, Budweiser, Career Builder and Go Daddy are going to make a splash in the big game this year … upwards of $4MM per commercial.   While the price of the biggest event on television will likely continue to rise, let’s be clear these brands want to squeeze every nickel of value they can out of their media buy to maximize impact.   Guess where they’re going? That’s right; Twitter, You Tube, Facebook (and IntoNow, Miso and GetGlue too) are becoming the new usability test, focus group or sample survey where viewers/customers can weigh in.  While it’s tough to predict customer feedback, there are opportunities for you to leverage the conversation. Get your brand advocates involved.  Do a test with a select group early and often, because these ambassadors can and will share your link with their friends and connections.  Think about the numerous studies being conducted on the value of the Facebook like.  Your fans can truly be your biggest asset. Marketers have long considered the impact of brand favorability with the mass media making subjective decisions based on personal preference to black or white list a program. It’s time to start thinking subjectively. The next time you go into production for a new commercial, think about the social opportunities and how they can impact your brand.  Social TV is not a fad -it’s an evolution.   As marketers, we now have access to the tools to begin maximizing the effectiveness of our media, like never before.  It’s time to get armed!