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Explore the beautifully delicate, yet intricate features of this one-of-a-kind tool as AI adoption continues to transform the digital world as we know it.
dog jinglebot card

The holiday season is upon us, and at Primacy, we've gone beyond the basic greeting card to deliver a truly innovative and as some may say, festive experience. This week, we unveiled the JingleBot HolidAI Card Generator, a custom-built tool that incorporates personalization into your holiday wishes with a technical finesse that sets it apart from other AI card creations. 

As a digital experience agency, we understand the importance of bringing creativity and personalization into the digital realm. Our JingleBot AI Holiday Card Generator takes this commitment to the next level, by offering users a fun and interactive experience where they select categories (holiday theme, animal, character, & art style) to make their personalized card. Through this process, the generator expertly weaves together a captivating image and a tailor-made poem, morphing the traditional idea of a holiday greeting card into an innovative example of personalized storytelling.  
This isn't just another seasonal gimmick—it's a testament to the impressive capabilities of the code that powers it. 

Wow Factors That Elevate Our AI Holiday Card Generator 

  • Design Brilliance: Primacy’s creative team employed an intentional and detail-oriented approach to this project, ensuring a new standard was set through the use of eye-catching design elements, including customized icons and colors perfectly aligned with our brand. 
  • Personalized Storytelling: This card generator doesn't just create graphics; it weaves storytelling into the DNA of each card it creates. Users are able to select their holiday, animal, character, and art style, allowing the AI to craft a personalized narrative that is unique every time. 
  • Inclusion of Poetry: The incorporation of poetry elevates our generator to new heights, making it a memorable experience for users. 

The card generator isn't simply a tool; it's an interactive experience where users choose their character and style preferences while AI handles the writing, featuring an incredible blend of storytelling and time-saving AI innovation. While currently focused on winter holidays around the globe, the potential for utilization for any holiday in the calendar year truly showcases the flexibility of the custom backend code. 

Tech Development in Holiday Cards 

The technical development behind our HolidAI Card Generator is a prime example of our meticulous craftsmanship and technical expertise. It was built with Python on the backend and standard web application technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  

The magic of the tool lies in the incorporation of AI and machine learning libraries, with OpenAI's GPT-3.5 serving as the engine for generating poems. For image creation, our developers utilized MidJourney. A crucial aspect of the development of this tool is the methodical approach to the prompt engineering for these machine learning models. Our development team noticed that for minority holidays, the model struggled to generate a correct image. In order to combat this, we utilized reference images in the code to communicate the exact kinds of images and poems we wanted the model to produce. This is a crucial technical element that distinguishes this tool from off-the-shelf models. 

Dalle Midjourney text on graphic

The Journey from Experience to Service 

This tool was originally conceived as an experiential showcase of AI capabilities; our holiday card generator aimed to delight users and showcase the power of AI technology. Recognizing the broader potential, the tool has evolved into a service, saving users time while delivering a fun and meaningful card-generating experience. 


In this behind-the-scenes look at our HolidAI Card Generator, we've not only unwrapped the magic but also showcased the dedication, creativity, and technical expertise that went into crafting this extraordinary holiday experience. As we share the joy of the season, we invite you to explore, create, and celebrate with our AI-powered marvel.