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TikTok Isn’t Just Dance Trends Anymore

It happens every time a new social media channel explodes in popularity.

Businesses and institutions write it off as something the “youths” are doing and don’t see how it can help expand their brand. Slowly, the channel content expands to a wider demographic and advertisers are playing catch up to get content in front of their target audiences. Before long, the channel is full of staged, poorly executed content and advertisers wonder why they aren’t getting traction on the latest “cool thing.”

That scenario is currently playing out on TikTok. If you take a few minutes a day like me (okay, hours) to see what’s happening on the channel, you will encounter cringeworthy branded content. It’s either so over-the-top trying to be “organic” that it misses the mark or it’s not technically framed/presented in a manner appropriate for TikTok. Enter Primacy’s whitepaper: “Getting Schooled on TikTok.”

TikTok is well past the “trendy dance” phase and is a legitimate social media powerhouse. According to Big Technology, TikTok has literally broken growth models created to try and anticipate where the channels’ user count and engagement rates might plateau.

Your audience, no matter if it’s undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, or any other demographic, is on the channel in a big way. Just like any other digital channel strategy, how you present your content is just as important as what your content says. Our whitepaper puts a higher education lens on TikTok to help spark ideas and is complete with the technical specs you will need in order to produce your own TikTok ads.

Download the whitepaper, do some scrolling, and think about how you might be able to authentically and unexpectedly tell your story on TikTok. If it’s a strategy you want to pursue but aren’t sure how to get things off the ground, let us know and we can get you started. Enjoy “Getting Schooled on TikTok!