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While the coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human health tragedy that will hit home for many of us, its impact on humanity is magnified dramatically by its potential economic toll. In this environment, business leaders have a responsibility to their employees, customers, community and society as a whole to remain (humanely) business-minded and vigilant in the face of this adversity in order to ensure the best possible outcome for all. This challenge is evident in the questions we are receiving from clients and the conversations we are having internally related to our own business. Based on this unique perspective and our experience helping clients overcome different, but sizeable, challenges over the course of time, we’ve developed a framework to help guide planning and build resiliency in this time of uncertainty. We’ve selected five lenses from which to view the situation both now as it is unfolding, while also keeping an eye toward the future.  In each domain, we’ve posed some key questions which can be a good tool to frame your thinking and strategic preparedness.  While the questions and domains are not exhaustive, they are almost certainly relevant to you and very much relevant to the kinds of work we do with our clients.

Business Priorities In Times of Change

Hopefully the questions above include a mix of things that you have been working on but also stimulate your thinking around ways to proactively mitigate problems, and provide solutions. Diving further we will focus on Customer Sustenance - an area of daily concern for our clients across all industries.  In the example below, which can be tailored to your own audience and their unique journey(s), we have provided some considerations for both right now and what’s next at each stage of the customer journey.  Again, the details will vary based on industry and your capabilities in any given area, but the framework should be valid for practically all industries.

Customer Journey Considerations in the Coronavirus Economy

We hope you’ve found value by taking out a few minutes from the frenetic environment that we all face at this exact moment.  If you’d like to spend a little more time (remotely, for the time being at least) customizing, ideating and imagining with us at Primacy, we encourage you to contact us. We are all in this together and we are here to help. Stay healthy, safe and resilient.

"Companies that respond to the current crisis with transparency and compassion will be rewarded by audiences. Companies that fail to rise to the occasion or are late to respond may create uncertainty or damage to the confidence they have built." - VP, Forrester Research, 3/11/2020