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When you’re thinking of silver bullet strategies for improving your visitor’s experience, make sure you include a healthy dose of trees…”tree paths” that is.  Improving your site experience starts with map of how your visitors are utilizing your site today.  The SiteManager / Stats solution has the ability to run a “tree path” report that shows a graphically intuitive depiction of how visitors navigate “to” or ‘from” certain pages on your site.  The report helps to better inform your digital marketing strategies since you can easily see the source for all traffic on your site.  For example, the report can show which path is driving the most traffic to your new service or product page.  By leveraging this information, you can become more in-synch with the paths that work best.  Another benefit is that you may identify that certain sub-pages are very popular and that they should have “quick link or banner” status from your home page so that it is easier for your visitors to get to the page.  So, the next time you design a strategy to improve your experience, go green and start with the trees.