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Photo of Ralph Francois

How long have you been at Primacy? 

I have been working at Primacy for 2 years and 4 months. My my first day was actually March 16, 2020 - the last day before Primacy took a hiatus from in-person work. So, I picked up my laptop, met everybody and the next day started working remotely! Luckily, Primacy had adopted Zoom before the pandemic started, so it was an easy transition.


What was your journey to become a developer? 

I was a computer science major who started my own business the third year of college. It started as mostly IT, software installation, hardware support, research and system implementation. Then, one of my clients asked about building a web presence; a website for their business. I took on the challenge. I had experience with C, C++, Java, basic html and JavaScript and used the basics I learned in class. The website was awful but two years later, my company was a full digital agency, focused on all websites. I focused on php as my main coding language. I learned it all on my own using books and live examples. Eighteen years later my journey took me to Primacy.


What are some developer trends you’re predicting—or maybe have already seen—emerging in 2022? 

The Metaverse is coming. Maybe not this year but soon. Right now, I see a lot of websites prominently utilizing more small, "bite-sized" pieces of video content. Another big one in the technology sector coming is VR and I believe it’s about to change the world. I love that you'll be able to visit a place without leaving your home, but more significant will be its' use in medicine, travel & learning, etc.


What is the best piece of developer advice you have ever received? What is the best piece of developer advice you have ever given? 

Select a programming language and become the best at it. There's no need to master 100 code languages - but you should understand their basics and how to navigate them at a high-level. 


What are some of your interests outside of the developer world?

I am an avid investor (stocks, EFTS, etc.). I play soccer all year round (indoors in the winter before covid), I play golf, and I travel a lot.