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What do you get when you combine a digital agency with an organic farm? At Primacy, we’re determined to find out! Led by our resident organic gardener, Jim Matheson, Primacy Farm will be an employee grown source of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables that’ll be planted, grown and harvested right outside our corporate headquarters in Farmington. This will be a weekly series that explores the process of creating Primacy Farm.

We’re looking very official!

Not only do we have tremendous progress to report on the growing side, we’re also proud to show off our official Primacy Farms logo. After all, we are a creative and marketing agency – we couldn’t go on forever without branding! Without further ado, here’s the new Primacy Farms logo:

primacy farms

On to the growth – the fence around the garden is complete. We expanded the area slightly – we’re now over 2,300 square feet of garden space. Teams have lettuce, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and basil ready for picking. Our community plants that are located around the property – cantaloupes, watermelon, squash and zucchini – are growing strong!

Primacy Farms Canteloupe

Our chickens

We now have 12 chickens on the property with 14 more coming in the next two weeks. They live adjacent to the garden in a 450+ square foot run with netting over the top to protect them from predators. We had a quick meeting with the seven people who will be tending to them to discuss basic duties, safety, egg collection, cleaning the coop, and acceptable levels of “why did you cross the road?” jokes. All in all, we’re really happy to have them here – they make a wonderful addition to the farm.

Primacy farms chickens

Pest prevention

Pests are a natural part of any garden – and we’ve already got a variety to deal with. Cabbage worms, striped cucumber beetles and aphids to name a few. We’ve been focusing on all organic pest prevention methods to keep our plants healthy:
  1. Companion plants to deter insects or attract beneficial insects
  2. Beneficial insects that will naturally take care of the pests
  3. Organic pest control sprays or treatments – from the garden center variety to the do-it-yourself options like garlic water or soapy water
Coming up we’ve got a couple guest speakers who will be joining us, family fun days, and possibly even an employee cook-off or two later on in the summer. Until then, hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our progress. More to come soon!