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What do you get when you combine a digital agency with an organic farm? At Primacy, we’re determined to find out! Led by our resident organic gardener, Jim Matheson, Primacy Farm will be an employee grown source of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables that’ll be planted, grown and harvested right outside our corporate headquarters in Farmington. This will be a weekly series that explores the process of creating Primacy Farm.mulch removalWe have officially moved out of the planning stage and to the gardening stage! With a little help from our Core Class members, we cleared all of the mulch off the garden plot just in time for delivery of 25 yards of soil. In between rainy days, we spent about a week spreading and leveling the soil. Then, we tilled it and incorporated it into the existing soil. We’re also happy to say we’ll soon have 22 new teammates (in the form of baby chicks) from Cameron Family Farm. They may be lacking in graphic design and coding experience, but they’ll certainly make up for it in egg-laying ability.moving dirt They’ll have a nice home right outside our garden - a custom built coop is on the way to house our 21 laying hens and one rooster. We also have several guest speakers lined up who’ll join us during lunch, or after work, to talk about everything from planning to canning. They’re members of local Connecticut farms and are full of information. Finally, our five “team” plots have been measured and marked off. Folks are finalizing plans for what they want to plant and organizing their gardens. That’s all for now, check back in weekly for progress and photos!