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What do you get when you combine a digital agency with an organic farm? At Primacy, we’re determined to find out! Led by our resident organic gardener, Jim Matheson, Primacy Farm will be an employee grown source of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables that’ll be planted, grown and harvested right outside our corporate headquarters in Farmington. This will be a weekly series that explores the process of creating Primacy Farm.

Time to grow!

Plants are in the ground! Each team’s garden is taking shape and changing by the day as personal touches are added. Stans plantsWe’ve got a wide variety of vegetables and herbs taking root – lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, peas, beans, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, garlic, basil, onions, corn and more.  Community watermelon, cantaloupe, summer squash, zucchini, acorn squash, and butternut squash have been planted around the property, leveraging land that would otherwise go unused. We started working on a drainage system to help some of the plots that were flooded due to all of the rain last week. Also, the fence is slated for completion by the end of the week to provide protection from wildlife. Once installed, various herbs and plants will be planted around the perimeter to help deter pests while attracting beneficial insects.

Chickens coming soonPrimacy farm chicken coop

Our custom built chicken coop was delivered last week – it’ll provide a nice home for our hens and rooster and protection from predators. We’ll have the chickens on the property as soon as the fence goes up around the coops, within a week or two.

The spud growing contest

I shared a neat article with the garden group on a clever way to grow potatoes in layers when you have limited space: In theory, it’s possible to grow 100 lbs. of potatoes in 16 cubic feet. Five of our teams accepted the challenge and we now have our first contest. The ground rules:
  • Grow as many pounds of potatoes in 16 cubic feet or less (measuring from garden level up to the base of the plant) between now and Labor Day
  • The 16 cubic feet can be laid out however you wish, but the area/location cannot change
  • Harvest any time and as many times as you want
  • Any type of potato or sweet potato is allowed
Winning team gets bragging rights, the 2013 spud award and enough potatoes to last a lifetime. As you can see, we’re growing rapidly; hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our progress! Check back in weekly for more photos and updates.