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Our sales reps travel to a lot of meetings and a pitch part of their job is to share the depth and breadth of our portfolio.  Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentation, we developed a custom native iPad application that showcases our work in an easy to use, interactive format.   Out of the box, iPad’s support a “connected “web-based version pretty easily but that requires a working connection to the internet to download content.   Getting a good network connection poses its own challenges and having dropped connections in the middle of a pitch doesn’t inspire a great impression of an interactive agency.  Our techies came to the rescue and built a native application that has all digital assets on the iPad ready to use anytime, anyplace.  The cool part is we can collect prospect information and question locally and then send it to our “mobile cloud” for follow up.    Our “mobile cloud” is also configured to easily send application updates to our sales reps. We like the iPad for its visual display, particularly of rich media.  The frustrations caused by needing an internet connection can be solved by creating the native app is definitely the way to go for a mobile sales force. Viewers can start the app by clicking on the application icon:The interactive videos can be played from the left-side navigation:Prospect information can be collected in an offline mode using the form: