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In an era where consumers are dictating the rules of the game, healthcare providers need to revamp their marketing strategies in order to stay relevant. In Primacy’s most recent webinar, presented in collaboration with Catholic Health, Shawn Gross and Scott Orstad share ways health systems and hospitals are embracing (and adapting to) the rapidly evolving demands that consumers expect from their healthcare providers—and their marketing.

Healthcare consumerism is rapidly changing the way healthcare marketers approach their audiences, making it crucial for providers to understand its implications. In our latest webinar, Shawn and Scott dive into the key trends shaping this new reality. They delve into the surge in retail healthcare options, the growing role of technology and personalized digital channels, and how to weave marketing into the patient experience for improved overall satisfaction, retention, and long-term loyalty.

You’ll walk away empowered with actionable strategies and tactics that can enhance your engagement with healthcare consumers immediately. In this webinar replay, you’ll hear all about a real-world brand unification and website redesign from Catholic Health. The case study offers a unique opportunity to learn how Scott and his team successfully adapted their marketing strategies to a consumer-first approach, leveraging techniques and inspiration from today’s top travel, entertainment, and retail brands.

We also share how healthcare organizations are using B2C and B2B lead generation and personalization examples to turn a health system’s slow moving content marketing into faster, ROI-driven demand generation campaigns focused on adding new prospects to the top of the marketing funnel and building better patient engagement.

Don’t miss out! Watch the replay of our recent webinar now and get ready to navigate healthcare consumerism with confidence and find the inspiration you need to revitalize your marketing strategy.

A computer screen showing a webinar presentation and the two presenters, Shawn Gross and Scott Orstad.