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Last year Acsys Interactive introduced the first ever, Hospital Industry Crowdsourced Survey of Digital, Integrated and Emerging Marketing. Our survey captured insights based on a changing marketing landscape with crowdsourced input from hospital marketers around the country including participation by 80% of the country’s top hospitals. Our findings showed that core marketing channels would shift from traditional media (print, direct mail) to digital media (online channels, social media) by 2013.The findings were released in our "Insights In Action" publication which received coverage in respected news media including iHealthBeat and the AMA's American Medical News . We are now issuing a call for questions to hospital marketers who would like to join industry colleagues in designing our next survey.  Topics of most interest last year included social media, measurement, mobile and integrated marketing. Click here to see last year’s questions that were submitted by peers. you look ahead to 2012 and beyond, what are your burning questions?  This is your survey of your peers.  If you could ask them ANYTHING about their Digital tactics, plans or organization…what would it be???  Could you use peer data to validate a strategy that you want to pursue or to fortify a case to your management team?  Now is the time to speak up to your peers and get their insights. To provide your question just add it as a comment to this blog post below. All participants will receive a complimentary advance copy of the research with far more data than is released to the public plus access to our research team who will be available to answer any of your specific questions. If you have any specific questions or ideas now, feel free to alexf [at] (email me) directly.