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The age-old adage that sales and marketing are like oil and water is a tale that I would love to see go away forever.  Throughout my career as a marketer, I thrived on the success of the sales team in order for me to reach my revenue and market share goals.  I worked feverously with the sales team to differentiate our brand and make it a clear choice for consumers.  The art of the deal and the quantity of them, was the ultimate validation that your marketing plan was on target. Over the years, one of the most frustrating things to me was pulling in leads that eventually died on the vine.  Once a prospect takes the first step, it is critical to communicate with them in a timely manner.  Sometimes the best-crafted campaigns lose their luster due to a failure to respond.  This issue causes tremendous tension between the departments and doesn’t need to exist.   I challenged myself to come up with a better process.  I thought it would be great if there were a way to automate lead transfers.  Well, I’m glad to say that there now is a solution at Acsys Interactive.  We have created a seamless method utilizing the SiteManager product suite to transfer your website form submission data to your team and the sales team simultaneously. The SiteManager / Forms solution provides integration with CRM tools like® and Microsoft CRM®.  This exciting new gateway allows the leads received via your website to be automatically transferred to your CRM dashboard.  Even better, you can have an alert email dispatched to a person or group as well.  This enhancement will certainly streamline your workflow for information gathering and processing.  Now you can create integrated marketing campaigns and seamlessly drive the prospect through the sales process.  You too can become a hero to the sales team!