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Change is inevitable. In fact, many people say the only thing consistent in life is change. In the digital community, that’s being proven everyday. Changes in digital marketing are not only affecting the progression of our work as an agency, they are also affecting the progression of all the businesses surrounding us. And it is very easy to see that some of these businesses are prepared and some are not. Acsys Interactive has decided to help prepare some of its peers in Hospital Marketing for these upcoming changes with a new release. It is our pleasure to introduce the First Annual Crowdsourced Survey on Emerging Marketing. Acsys asked Hospital Marketers around the country what emerging marketing topics they wanted to hear about from their colleagues. Questions were collected and answered by a variety of hospitals and healthcare systems, including many of the nation's most renowned organizations. Today, Acsys is finally releasing the findings of this research in their "Insights In Action" publication: Did you know currently two-thirds of respondents from hospitals with fewer than 401 beds are relying on traditional offline media (print, direct mail, radio) as their core marketing channels? By 2013 this landscape will changing with nearly 30% of these marketers indicating that online will be their core tactic with over 50% seeing a distributed emphasis between online and offline channels. With basic mobile tactics not yet implemented or on the radar of respondents, one of the biggest surprises we saw is an overall lack of mobile planning. Forget about Apps…. even in large (401+ bed) hospitals, 45% of these marketers have no plans in place to implement even the most fundament mobile tactic; a mobile website. By 2013, hospital marketers predict that traditional and digital marketing channels will flip-flop in terms of importance. And now you can prepare for the changes coming. We realize that Hospital Marketers are constantly challenged to do more with less so we’ve developed our report outline to include short and midterm steps that Hospital Marketers can use. Download our complimentary Crowdsourced Survey on Emerging Marketing today